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What HB microtec represents in the world of cutting tools

With carefully selected partners and highly trained and motivated employees, we take a leading position wherever quality, high precision and sophisticated materials in the machining of “micro” dimensions are concerned! We implement our strengths personally with our customers in the field of application on-site. On customer request, we also create the CNC program for your turning or milling machine.

We develop, design, and grind tailor-made tools that are adapted to the process-specific needs of our customers. HB microtec offers special tools from centering and chamfering through drilling, milling, turning, reaming or deburring to complex combined tools in the diameter range between 0.08 mm and 32 mm. With our custom tooling solutions, we can often replace some standard tools and greatly reduce machining time. In doing so we ensure process capability and increase the precision and thus the quality of the workpieces. This allows our customers to significantly reduce the cost per workpiece.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries, where large series are produced and where machining processes and materials cause difficulties for the users. Our “smart” tool solutions are applied particularly in the customer segments where repeated precision is a requirement and small dimensions require “micro” tolerances. HB microtec specializes in medical and dental technology, the jewelery and watch industry, the automotive industry, aerospace engineering, machine and apparatus engineering, tool- and mold-making, transport and materials handling, electrical equipment and electronics, household appliances, the food industry, the petrochemical industry, fittings, hydraulics and pneumatics, and the writing instrument industry.
Regrinding Service

It is not only worthwhile to regrind a wide variety of cutting tools from the economic aspect! High-quality tools such as drills, countersinks and milling cutters only really do their job perfectly if the blades and cutting edges are always sharpened optimally. Where re-sharpening is possible, the price drops significantly in the second and third use of the cutting tools. There is no new raw material necessary, only the cutting edges are sharpened and refined.
With the regrinding service from HB microtec, we ensure that the cost-effectiveness of the reprocessing of worn tool cutting edges is implemented to a high standard. The regrinding is precisely implemented on state-of-the-art CNC grinding machines. We increase the service life by cutting edge preparation of standard tools, step tools and molds of all kinds. HB microtec also undertakes the new coating of high-quality PVD coatings, which offer you particularly good sliding properties and extended life.
Would you like to know more about our grinding service for your tools or about wage grinding? Our experts will be pleased to advise you.

Medical technology, Titan Grade 5, Ø12.0 x 30.0
© Copyright Star Micronics AG
  Medical technology, Titan Grade 5, Ø8.0 x 55.0
© Copyright Star Micronics AG
  Medical technology, Titan Grade 5, Ø8.0 x 27.0
© Copyright Star Micronics AG
  Medical technology, Titan Grade 5, Ø12.0 x 62.0
© Copyright Star Micronics AG
Watch industry, machining steel, Ø10 x 3.0
© Copyright Star Micronics AG
  Mechanical engineering, stainless 1.4301, Ø17.0 x 180.0
© Copyright Star Micronics AG
  Watch industry, INOX, Ø2.0 x 1.0
© Copyright Star Micronics AG
  Medical technology, Titan Grade 5, Ø4.0 x 10.0
© Copyright Star Micronics AG


· Standardized carbide tools from Ø 0.1 mm to Ø20 mm
· Customized special tools such as combination tools, drills, cutters and milling tools made of carbide
  Dimensions Ø 0.08 mm to Ø 32 mm
· Quotation within 24 hours
· Tool drawings within 48 hours
· Express deliveries within one to two weeks for special tools including coating option!
· Tool holder systems and fixtures, chuck and shrink chucks, as well as power tools
· We advise you individually and competently as experienced specialists in machining technology
· Short communication channels thanks to medium-sized structures and transparent organization
· Our customers can rely on us in terms of application technology because we will also gladly support you,
  if desired, with the deployment of our tools and arrange the cutting process
· We assemble the cutting strategy (for our tools) for our customers and supply the cutting parameters necessary for the respective application
· On request, we will create the CNC program

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INOMED Medical Step drills  
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The INOCUT cutting data "App" is a specific recommendation of the cutting values depending on the cross section, material and tool. After selecting the technologies milling, drilling, reaming or tapping, 6 material groups with a total of 24 materials are available for selection. Afterwards, tools are offered on the basis of a tool category or end form search and sorted according to the highest cutting speed. Depending on the technology, a checkbox can be used to calculate a specific cross section, copy milling, or the maximum machine speed. The economic efficiency (Q time span volume) is displayed via a diagram and can be compared with specific tools via a computer function. The following values are displayed depending on the selection:

D1 (diameter)
z (number of teeth)
l1 (cutting length)
nmax (maximum engine speed)
ap (depth of penetration)
ae (mesh width or line spacing)
a (alpha)
Rt (roughness depth)
nf (speed factor)
Dmin. (minimum engagement diameter)
Dmax. (maximum engagement diameter)
vc (cutting speed)
fz, f, f = stg (feed per tooth or per revolution)
n (speed)
vf (feed rate)
f (feed per revolution)
Q (time span volume)
hm (mean chip thickness)

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We develop and manufacture our inovatools, standard and special tools for customers all over the world and from a wide variety of industries.

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