As a specialist in cutting tools, HB microtec grinds your medical cutting edges according to customer specifications, on a contract basis. This means that you deliver your hardened blanks to us and we grind them to your specifications.

Typical tools that we grind

· Twist drill from Ø 1 mm to Ø 15 mm
· Cervical spine drill from Ø 0.6 mm
· Medullary reamer and medullary reamer
· Trephine drills and trephine burs
· Saw cutting for bsw. Knee saw blades and hip saw blades or saw blades for veterinary medicine
· Acetabular reamer
· Punch teeth
· Taps
· Oval and Round Burr Shaver (oval and round burr scraper)
· Tibial reamers and endoscopic reamers
· Rasps for the metacarpal area
· (Bi-) cortex screws

It is best to ask us directly in our tool grinding shop in Mühlheim:

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