Comara appCom is a new way to use data in production to

reach Industrie 4.0

The whole package of standard apps and customer specific apps for the entire company. By cross-sectoral use of data, your data is analyzed, visualized and interpreted.

open – neutral – device independent

· Web-based
· Device independent
· Supports common enterprise technology
· Pre-installed default apps
· Customized apps
· Transparency
  · Monitoring
· Live data analysis
· Key figure reports
· Modular
· Data mining
· Machine data acquisition
· Internet of things (IoT)
  · Traceability
· OEE indicators
· Condition monitoring
· Messaging, reports
· Customer specific design
· Manage users, devices and privileges

Standard Apps

This provides a consolidated overview of all
machines and their status.
  Production Overview
Enables a quick overview of what status the
production machines had over time.
  Machine Live
Provides status and information about the machine
in real time.
Evaluates the captured data and provides a
complete analysis based on the principles of OEE.
  Parts Overview
Displays the number of CNC program runs and
offers the option to view them individually.
  NC Program Changes
Logs different versions of the CNC programs and
compares them with each other (currently only for
Analyses the variance of the actual machining time
per component and offers opportunities to find
optimization approaches.
  Alarm Monitor
Provides an overview of the most common alarms
by duration and number.
  Alarm Assistant
Overview of the alarm history with alarm number
and message text.

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